diumenge, 2 de desembre de 2012

SPEAKING in silver (PARLANT en plata)

Que hem de dir...? Quan volem dir...

Sissy the last Marica l'últim
Your pan has gone Se t'anat l'olla
For if the flies Per si les mosques
That if you want rice Catherine Que si vols arròs Catalina
The mother who gave birth to him La mare que et va parir
Shit little parrotCágate lorito
To another thing butterflyA otra cosa mariposa
What of-taylorQuin desastre
Sissy the beach
Marica de platja
It finished what it was givenSe acabo lo que se daba
You shited Burt LancasterLa cagaste Burt Lancaster
You roll yourself like a window blindeT'enrotlles com una persiana
Brother-in-laaaaaaaaaaaaaaw !!!!Cuñaaaaaaaaaaaaaao !!!
Good of the ParaguayGuai del Paraguai
I am not able to, I am not able toNo puedo, no puedo
You have more tale than little street
Tens mes cuento que Calleja
From lost to the river  De perdidos al rio
Everywhere they boil beans En todas partes cuecen habas
Composed and without girlfriend Compuesto y sin novia
Go out by legs Sortir per cames
If I have seen you I don't remember Si t'he vist no m'en recordo
Switch off and let's go Apaga y vámonos
It is not turkey mucus No es moco de pavo
Let's go Don't fuck me Vamos no me jodas
Morning-singer  Canta-manyanes
Among whistles and flutes Entre pitos i flautes
To fuck the female pig Joder la marrana
Marking parcel Marcant paquet
To put in a cigar Fotre un puro
My happiness in a hole Mi gozo en un pozo
Which-o Cualo
To go by the Ubeda's mountains Anar-se'n pels cerros d'Ubeda
What brown Quin marró
What so doggish life Quina vida més gossa
Go away to frie asparagous Ves a fregir espàrrecs
Who sings his bads frightens Qui canta els seus mals espanta
The fig of your mother! La figa ta mare
Throws more a fig´s hair... Tira més un pel de figa...
Go to do the wank! Ves te'n a fer la mà!
The thing has testicles! Te collons la cosa!
You hallucinate little cucumbers Al·lucines pepinos
Until then LucasHasta luego Lucas

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